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Vegetation Management and Stump Removal in Wokingham | The Risks Associated with DIY Stump Grinding

Do you have a tree on your property that has died? Is it blocking a view or leaning dangerously close to power lines? Before you decide that it has to go once and for all, our tree surgeons at JDB Specialist Tree Services urge you to consider the potential issues associated with attempting to tackle the job yourself. Taking care of properties in Wokingham since 1970, we specialise in tree stump removal, domestic and commercial tree care, highways vegetation management, woodland management, and forestry contracting and land clearance services.

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DIY tree surgery is not advised for several reasons. It’s not about securing business for our company; it’s about ensuring your safety and saving you money in the long run.

Personal Injury

If you need a ladder to remove branches or limbs, you shouldn’t attempt to tackle tree surgery yourself. As part of our domestic and commercial tree maintenance services, our team at JDB Specialist Tree Services consists of fully experienced and qualified tree surgeons capable of working at height. In addition, we use all the appropriate safety equipment and PPE. Failure to do so could result in severe and life-changing injuries.

Property Damage

We must carry out risk assessments in advance for all domestic and commercial tree care services. Even for our highways vegetation management, forestry contracting, land clearance, and brush clearing services, we must control the direction of felled trees. Failure to consider this could lead to the tree you’re attempting to remove falling directly onto property or a public road. This could lead to you being sued by others and/or fined by your local authority.

Tree Stump Removal

Have you thought ahead to what you’re going to do about the remaining tree stump? Failure to remove it could lead to a series of problems down the line. Even if you think it makes an aesthetically pleasing feature, you need to consider hiring a tree stump grinding company to avoid future problems, such as the continuous spread of tree roots, tripping hazards, damage to machinery, and insect infestation.

JDB Specialist Tree Services offers the following professional services, all of which are carried out in accordance with health and safety guidelines. Look no further than us for a specialist domestic tree surgery and commercial tree maintenance company in Wokingham.

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