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Tree Stump Removals in Fleet, Hook, Farnham and the Surrounding Areas Across Watford, Dorset, Kent and the South Coast

Experts in highways vegetation management and forestry contracting and land clearance across our covered areas, JDB Specialist Tree Services also offers our clients a complete tree stump removal service. Whether in your back garden, on your commercial property, or within local woodland, our tree surgeons will ensure its safe and controlled removal to avoid potential accidents or injuries.

Covering Wokingham, Fleet, Hook, Farnham, Crowthorne and the surrounding areas, we’re the first choice for tree stump grinding services amongst our residential and commercial clients in Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

Safe and Effective Tree Stump Disposal

There are several reasons why our tree surgeons recommend professional tree stump removal services:

  • Infestations

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Tripping Hazards

  • Property Damage

  • Property Value

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As the tree stump decays, insects can move in and create nests within the structure. As well as other unwelcome vermin doing the same, fungus can also spread throughout the timber, which may be harmful to humans.

Lawn Maintenance

If the stump becomes concealed under surrounding vegetation, the chances of remembering its location will be reduced. You risk damage to your garden equipment if the machinery hits against the hidden stump, leading to costly repairs.

Tripping Hazards

Besides the potential damage to your lawnmower and other gardening tools, there’s also the risk of serious injury should you trip over a hidden tree stump. You may like it as a feature, but could you still see it at night or after heavy snow?

Property Damage

The roots attached to the tree stump will continue to spread underneath the ground towards the nearest water source. This is usually a property’s drainage system, which intrusive roots could severely damage.

Property Value

Whilst they may look attractive in rural and cottage-core gardens, our tree surgeons at JDB Specialist Tree Services don’t recommend leaving them in place as surveyors and potential buyers will be put off by our listed reasons.

Contact us today if you’re concerned about an existing tree stump in your Wokingham, Fleet, Hook, Farnham or Crowthorne property. From a single stump in a back garden to multiples throughout a commercial property, we’re fully trained to carry out our tree stump grinding services safely and professionally.

We have several stump grinding machines ranging from 25hp to 200hp, both wheeled and tracked. For example, our 12hp Huxley Little David is compact enough to be carried through a standard doorway. We also have a 25hp Carlton Ox that can be wheeled through most garden gates. For larger stump removals, we’ll opt for the Greenmech Stump Master, mounted onto a 1.5T mini digger base.

We’ll take care of all root management, ensuring they are completely removed so your property is safe from potential intrusion. For public spaces, our team will also secure the relevant permits required for such works.

JDB Specialist Tree Services’ professional tree surgeons offer the following relevant services:

Delivering Excellence by Nurturing Nature

Call 0118 9733 943 for stump removals in Fleet, Hook, Farnham and the surrounding areas. Our services cover the areas between Watford, Dorset, Kent and the South Coast.
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