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Land Clearance and Forestry Contracting in Wokingham, Fleet and the Surrounding Areas Serving the Entire South Coast from Dorset to Kent

JDB Specialist Tree Services has been serving domestic, commercial, industrial and forestry-owning clients since the inception of our company in 1970. As a third-generation business with over a century of combined experience among our professional tree surgeons, we are consistently contracted to carry out our exceptional services, including forestry contracting and land clearance, vegetation and woodland management, and commercial tree care.

If you require a proficient service that specialises in the care of the maintenance of trees and vegetation throughout Wokingham, Fleet, Hook, Farnham, Crowthorne and the surrounding areas we cover, then please contact us at our Eversley property.

Mechanical Tree Removal and Land Clearing Services

Working directly with landowners throughout Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire, JDB Specialist Tree Services has been performing forestry services for over fifty years. During this time, we’ve seen vast improvements in the machinery and technology used to carry out these works and have adapted accordingly. Our mechanical land-clearing services are more streamlined and time-effective, providing the clearance you need to complete your project.

From private woodland areas to state-owned forestry, we’re the forestry contracting company to contact first for a variety of reasons:

  • All access routes are prepared and maintained by our tree surgeons

  • Every part of the wood and brush collected is recycled in some way

  • Our qualifications and expertise prove our wide range of capabilities

  • The equipment we use is adaptable for awkward terrain and poor access

  • We harvest timbers for mulch, woodchip, and biomass fuels

  • We own our machinery and specialist equipment, which ensures faster turnarounds

Latest Projects

Rhododendron Control and Removal

One of the main problems affecting the British countryside is the invasive spread of the Rhododendron Ponticum. It’s a rapidly growing species that can prevent the healthy growth of surrounding plants and trees because its canopy restricts natural light. As a result, local biodiversity can be lost. Part of our forestry contracting, land clearance, and highways vegetation management services, our tree surgeons at JDB will remove the rhododendrons, ensuring the continuing growth of native woodland and natural wildlife.

If your property in Wokingham, Fleet, Hook, Farnham, Crowthorne or the surrounding areas is affected by the unwanted spread of rhododendrons, please call us today for a swift and effective response.

Ash Dieback Control

Ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) is a fungal disease that attacks an ash tree's vascular system, causing wilting, crown dieback and eventual tree death. It spreads through windborne spores, making it highly contagious and difficult to manage. The disease can cause serious ecological impacts, affecting biodiversity, wood industries, and surrounding landscapes. Symptoms include black blotches on the leaves, lesions on the stems and branches, and overall decline.

It is your responsibility to ensure the tree’s health and stability. If you notice any of these signs, please contact our tree surgeons at JDB Specialist Tree Services. We will assess its condition and devise a suitable course of action, as it may be possible to save the tree if the disease is discovered early.

Our services include:

Delivering Excellence by Nurturing Nature

Call 0118 9733 943 for forestry contracting and land clearance services in Wokingham, Fleet and the surrounding areas. We cover the south coast, from Dorset to Kent.
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