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Vegetation Management in Fleet | The A-Z of Tree Surgery With Our Expert Tree Surgeons

Tree and forestry contracting experts, our tree surgeons at JDB Specialist Tree Services offer a range of tree stump disposal, commercial tree maintenance, vegetation removal, land clearance, and woodland management services to clients in Fleet and the surrounding areas. As our testimonials will show, we gather consistent praise from home and property owners looking for safe and controlled stump removals, highways vegetation management, and so much more. We also offer commercial tree care services to clients who want to spruce up their exteriors or clear land for further development.

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Our Tree Specialists’ A-Z

Are you confused by our technical jargon? We will explain our procedures in advance to inform you fully, and some of the many phrases you may hear are listed below:


This is the study and management of trees, shrubs and associated plants. Our tree surgeons are also referred to as arborists.

Canopy/Tree Canopy

This is the topmost part of mature trees that grows to form a canopy over the ground below and usually houses a variety of arboreal life.


The main branches and limbs that extend from a tree trunk, the crown can be maintained by several methods, such as crown lifting, reduction, and thinning.


This refers to the parts of a tree that have died and must be removed before becoming a hazard. We offer deadwood removal services as part of our highways vegetation management and forestry contracting and land clearance services.


Whether directional or sectional, this term refers to cutting down trees.

Invasive Species

One of the main reasons clients contact our tree surgeons at JDB Specialist Tree Services is that our stump removal services can rid you of these unwelcome pests as they are known to cause property damage whilst affecting health and the surrounding environment.


This organic material is recycled from our domestic and commercial tree care services. It is ideal for reducing weeds and improving soil health in any Fleet-based garden or public area.


Although this service can be performed for safety and aesthetics, pollarding is essentially the same as a regular haircut. By cutting back branches, the regrowth should be healthier and stronger.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is one of our most popular services, which refers to removing a tree stump once the tree has been cut down or ‘felled’.

Tertiary Branches

These are the smaller branches that grow from a tree’s main branches. Tertiary branches form the tree’s crown and determine its shape.

Domestic and Commercial Tree Maintenance in Fleet

JDB Specialist Tree Services is your one-stop shop for all tree surgery facilities, including the following services carried out by our experienced tree surgeons:

Delivering Excellence by Nurturing Nature

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