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Stump Removals and Arboreal Services by Our Experienced Tree Surgeons in Farnham | Directional and Sectional Tree Felling Explained

They’re phrases you may have heard before, but do you know their differences? Cutting down trees isn’t as simple as taking an axe to the trunk; the procedure can involve site surveys, risk assessments, local authority permissions, and detailed method statements. JDB Specialist Tree Services undertakes all aspects of tree surgery and removal with every Farnham-based job planned precisely. From forestry contracting and land clearance services to highways vegetation management and commercial tree care to domestic stump removal, our tree surgeons leave no stone unturned regarding our work.

Please take a moment to read our testimonials as they prove the level of commitment we show to our clients, as well as our domestic and commercial tree maintenance and land restoration services.

Woodland Management in Farnham

It might be a single tree in a back garden or a percentage of trees in a local forest but, whichever it is, we need to decide in advance whether directional or sectional felling will suit the job.

Directional Felling

We can opt for the directional approach, where sufficient space exists for a tree to fall without hitting property or surrounding woodland. This involves cutting a wedge into the trunk, acting as a hinge when the tree falls over. Cutting down from a standing height, the directional notch will determine which way the tree will fall. There are several types of directional notch, each based on the tree’s condition, the surrounding highways vegetation management, and our teams’ preferences.

Following the insertion of the directional notch, we’ll perform the felling cut on a level with, or slightly above, it. Once complete, the hinge will do the rest, and JDB Specialist Tree Services can prepare for the tree stump disposal and tree removal aspects of our work.

Sectional Felling

Not every job has us working in rural locations or engaged in forestry contracting and land clearance services. Our tree surgeons often have to remove trees and perform stump removal services in urban areas throughout Farnham, where space is extremely limited. This can prove a challenge, but it’s one our domestic and commercial tree care specialists can handle. As skilled climbers who follow safety procedures to the letter, we’ll climb to the top of the tree and cut down the limbs and branches in small, easily removable sections.

Sectional felling is carried out using rigging systems, blocks and pulleys. Fully trained to operate these systems, our team will also wear all the relevant PPE and harnesses will be thoroughly inspected and tested before use.

Why You Need Our Tree Specialists!

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