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Commercial Tree Care in Crowthorne | Your FAQs Answered by Our Dedicated Tree Surgeons

JDB Specialist Tree Services is the tree maintenance company of choice for many in Crowthorne and the surrounding areas we cover, as our tree surgeons are highly experienced, skilled and knowledgeable. There’s nothing we don’t know about stump grinding and stump removal, commercial tree care, highways vegetation management and brush clearing services, forestry contracting and land clearance, and mechanical land clearing. From a single overgrown tree to an entire forest, we’re on hand to clear away land for development, safety, or to improve a view.

Domestic and Commercial Tree Maintenance

On this page, we answer your most frequently asked questions. But don’t forget, if we’ve missed anything, we’re just a phone call away.

I need a company to carry out tree stump removal services, but I live in a terraced house. Does it have to be dug out manually? And what about the hole left behind?

We have several stump grinders, each suitable for different-sized projects. Our smallest one is the Huxley Little David – a 12hp wheeled machine that can be carried through any standard doorway. Also, we won’t leave a gaping hole in your garden as that could easily cause harm to you or your family. The chippings left over from our tree stump grinding services will be used to pack the hole back up and make it safe.

I’ve recently bought an old house with a very overgrown back garden, can you help?

Yes, we can. Our tree surgeons at JDB Specialist Tree Services offer complete land clearance and highways vegetation management services for domestic and commercial clients. The machinery we use allows us to clear a site effectively so you can plan your new landscape design.

What do you do with the timber once it’s been cut down?

Our tree maintenance company recycles everything! We leave nothing behind, using a mulcher to produce high-quality woodchips for reuse in the garden. This can be delivered to you in Crowthorne, or bought directly from our yard in Eversley, and is ideal for low-maintenance gardens and outdoor areas. It’s regularly sold to clients who use our commercial tree care services. We also sell G30-G50 biomass fuel to homeowners who have eco-friendly heating systems.

Do You Hire Out Your Machinery?

Some of our domestic and commercial tree maintenance machinery is available to hire daily and is operated by one of our experienced team. These machines – listed below – are ideal for brush-clearing services and mechanical land clearing. We advise hiring our company to carry out the work for larger projects, such as forestry contracting.

  • Bruks 805CT – Whole Tree Crane-Fed Chipper

  • Mus-Max T8 – Whole Tree Biomass Chipper With Crane and Grab

  • Ascendant A22-17 Platform (Cherry Picker) With 17m Telescopic Boom and 280kg Capacity

Our other machinery includes:

  • Caterpillar 943 – Quick-Hitched Tracked Shovel with Root Fork and Bucket

  • Fendt 926 – 260hp Tractor With Forestry Tyres and Guarding

  • Hyundai 125-9 13T Excavator*

  • Scania Hook Loader for Mulch and Biomass Fuel Delivery

*This excavator has the appropriate guarding and an adapted hydraulic system. It comes with buckets, a root rake, reciprocating cutter, mulcher, tree shear, and a Lasco log splitter.

Our Mobile Sawmill

For added convenience, we’ve invested in a Lucas Mill mobile sawmill, which means we can cut wood on-site to any size our Crowthorne clients require. This reduces time and saves your project money in the long run.

Call our tree maintenance company today for professional services at competitive rates. Our tree surgeons at JDB Specialist Tree Services look forward to hearing from you!

Delivering Excellence by Nurturing Nature

Call our tree surgeons on 0118 9733 943 for commercial tree care in Crowthorne.
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