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What We Do

For over 30 years we have specialised in a full range of services, offering expertise and customer satisfaction in everything that we do. From large scale projects to domestic work we have the right equipment for every job and our fully trained team are insured to carry out even the most challenging tasks.


Tree Surgery


We have a team of fully qualified and experienced tree surgeons, covering all aspects of tree surgery work from pruning fruit trees to the dismantling of giants. Our extensive range of equipment allows us to carry out all aspects of work in a fast and efficient w

We have a large customer base of both domestic and commercial customers including local authorities, schools and colleges. Many of our faithful customers have us back time and time again and many of our customers ask for the same team as they had the last time to carry out work in their garden. 

Following an enquiry we are happy to visit you and supply you with a free quotation and advice on any tree work needed.



We carry out all types of pruning work including:

Crown Lifting – lifting lower limbs

Crown Reduction – reducing in size

Crown Thinning – reducing the density

Removing dead wood

Hedge cutting

All arisings are chipped on site and removed to our yard where we recycle the chips into landscape cover. All timber is either cut for logs/firewood or chipped for biofuel. Even the rakings are mulched in our yard and added to the landscape cover. Nothing goes to waste!


Land Clearance


We are equipped with all the machinery required to clear sites in a quick and efficient manner leaving the area clean and ready for its intended use. As tree clearance contractors our range of equipment includes 200mm towed chippers, a 250mm Unimog mounted chipper with 8m³ chip box and a 450mm capacity crane fed chipper driven by a 200hp tractor.

All of the chip produced is taken back to our yard and stockpiled for approx 6 months, after this it is suitable for landscape cover. Smaller sites can be cleared using manual methods, felling or dismantling the trees etc with chainsaws and chipping the arisings by hand with Brushwood chippers. Stumps can be ground (see stump grinding) or grubbed out with an excavator and mulched with our mulcher.

The larger sites are cleared by felling with an excavator mounted tree shear, all material is chipped using our whole tree chipper fed with its mounted crane. Advantages to this method are that the trees and scrub are cleared from the site quickly, the resulting chip is easy to move and dispose of. Our methods allow us to clear the site fast and be out of the way in minimal time.

Stump Grinding


We have stump grinders to cope with all conditions. Our extensive range of equipment allows us to carry out all aspects of work in a fast and efficient way.

starting with the smallest machine, a Huxley Little David which is a 12hp wheeled stump grinder and can be carried through a standard doorway.  The next machine up in size, the Carlton Ox is a 25hp wheeled machine, at 36 inches wide will fit through most garden gates.
the larger of the range is our Greenmech Stump Master, this is mounted on a 1.5t mini digger base.



The AHWI RT100 Mulcher is ideal for smaller sites and inter-row mulching, this machine can be used for mulching between 2-3m tree spacing. This is a 100Hp machine and is capable of reducing vegetation to a fine mulch.

The RT 100 is also ideal for clearing of Rhododendron between trees, clearing overgrown foot paths and verges. The fast rotor speed and the counter teeth mounted within the rotor housing ensure a finer chop.

This machine is available for hire with experienced operator on a day or price rate per job.

Mobile Saw Mill


We have recently purchased a mobile saw mill to add to the unique range of equipment and services that we are able to offer all our customers.

This enables us to cut wood to any size required on site – rather than having to transport the timber to another site.  This saves substantial time and money, and reduces further the impact of the works involved.  Whether to create fencing posts and board walks, or even luxury garden rooms, and timber framed buildings, nothing is impossible for JDB!

Ditch Cleaning and Maintenance
Ditch Cleaning and Maintenance

Ditches need cleaning, something that’s been overlooked in recent years with predictable results. We can offer a service cleaning and maintaining ditches from cutting back the vegetation to removing the silt build up. Our range of machines allow us to match the correct machine to the job, our 2.5 ton excavator on rubber tracks is the most useful machine.

Logs & Firewood

Don’t be left in the cold during the winter months.  We supply a range of home heating supplies for you to choose from.

Please note: Coal and kindling can be added to your order when you purchase logs, but unfortunately we can not supply coal and kindling individually.


Mulch and Woodchip Supplies

Our woodchip mulch is ideal for ground cover in shrub beds or informal garden or footpaths or under play equipment. Our mulch comprises of wood chip which is recycled from our tree surgery operations. The chip is left to stand for approx 6 months, being turned regularly to produce a high quality composted product. Available in Bags or loads – price includes VAT.  Please note we can only supply up to 4 cubic meters of mulch in one delivery (either loose or in bags), any more than 4 cubic metres price available on application.

1 cubic meter £20.00
Delivered loose (Local delivery prices)
1 cubic meter £55.00
2 cubic meters £85.00
3 cubic meters £98.00
4 cubic meters £114.00
Over 4 cubic meters POA

For larger quantities – phone for a price 01189 733943

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