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An impressive line up of specialist equipment

Fendt 926

Fendt 926. 260hp tractor with Forestry guarding and forestry tyres

AHWI M450 Hydraulic Mulcher

AHWI M450 Hydraulic Mulcher. As with our other AHWI machines this has a fixed tool rotor so it is able to penetrate the ground. Coupled to our specialy adapted Hyundai excavator, this mulcher is able to reach the spots others cannot. The excavator’s hydraulic system has been adapted to produce the correct flow to operate the mulcher at full speed.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding, we have various stump grinders and use the most suitable machine for the job in hand.

Lucas Mill Mobile saw mill

Lucas Mill Mobile saw mill. Our saw mill can be assembled in a rear garden so as to mill usable timber without the vast expense of moving the butt. Converted timber can be used within the garden for construction projects.

AHWI FM700 Profi mulcher

AHWI FM700 Profi mulcher, fitted to our Fendt 926 this machine is a high performance mulcher without the added cost of movement associated with the tracked machines. Its 700mm rotor with fixed tools and 260hp provides a powerfull mulcher at an affordable price

2015 Hyundai 125-9 13t excavator

2015 Hyundai 125-9 13t excavator. Fitted with guarding and adapted hydraulic system for high flow attachments.This machine is available with buckets, root rake, reciprocating cutter, Mulcher ,Tree shear and Lasco log splitter

Mus-Max T8 whole tree chipper

Mus-Max T8 whole tree chipper. This chipper is designed as a biomass chipper and can produce a very consistant chip. It’s fitted with a crane and grab.
This chipper is available on a day rate and can be used for large tree surgery type jobs where there is a lot of brushwood or chipping timber for fuel or ground cover.

Valtra T182v

Valtra T182v . 190hp tractor

Ahwi  Rt100 compact mulcher

Ahwi Rt100 compact mulcher. This is a purpose built tracked mulcher, 1.8m wide and 100hp. This machine is ideal for smaller mulching jobs with limited access and for working between trees. Ideal for Rododendron clearance. Its fixed tool rotor and high rotor speed gives a very fine mulch finish

Kubota KX61-3 2.6t excavator

Kubota KX61-3 2.6t excavator, can be fitted with buckets, root rake, flail mower, tree shear and timber grab

2011 JCB JS130lc  13t excavator

2011 JCB JS130lc 13t excavator. This machine is available with a selection of buckets, root rake reciprocating cutter, tree shear and lasco log splitter.Our operators are qualified and have a great deal experience.

Caterpillar 943

Caterpillar 943. Tracked shovel available with root fork and bucket, with a quick hitch.

Tree shears

Tree shears fitted to our excavators are a much more effective way of clearing small trees than motor manual methods. Trees can be sheared and bunched for collection or chipping

Reciprocating cutters

Reciprocating cutters, we operate two of these attachments. Each is capable of cutting over a hectare of gorse per day, they are also suitable for small trees up to 150mm dia. This is a very cost effective way of clearing scrub. Used mainly on conservation work clearing scrub and regenerating trees, we can cut within heather leaving it in tact. To our knowledge we have the only two of these in the uk.

McCauley Trailers

McCauley Trailers. As the area distributor for Mac trailers we have a fleet of trailers including low loader trailers, dump trailers and grain trailers. All available for hire with or without a tractor.

Lasco M3 Cone splitter

This attachment can be fitted to either of our 13t excavators and is a very effective way of breaking down large unusable timber for chipping or firewood. This is available for hire