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Conservation contracting

Has become a major part of the company, our large selection of machinery enables us to match the correct machine to the task. We have experience in many conservation area’s including tree clearance, pond constructing, pond dredging, lake construction, lake dredging and path construction.

Heathland Restoration

JDB has been involved with Heathland Restoration for the last 12 years, over this time we have learnt a lot about habitat management and the delicate balance between getting the job done efficiently and treading lightly with machinery. We have developed methods, purchased and adapted machines to cope with the varied sites and tasks put in front of us. We are equipped to carry out most heathland restoration requirements from scrub cutting to whole tree chipping, stump treatment to mulching and scraping. Our fleet of machinery is owned and maintained by our staff. Our qualified drivers are experienced and take great pride in the finished job.

Heathland scrapes

Are carried out using our excavators to remove the organic matter and expose the mineral soil, thus removing a good percentage of the tree seed and allowing the heather seed to become established. The scraped material can be bunded at the sides or moved to a different area. This is a delicate task and requires a driver both skilled in the operation of the machine and able to know how deep to scrape.

Reciprocating cutter

The Reciprocating cutter is an attachment that we’ve had made to carry out scrub clearance work, it can be fitted to our Hitachi EX120 excavator which is equiped with LGP tracks. The cutter is ideal for cutting Gorse and dence scrub, it is capable of cutting trees up to 140mm and can cut approx. 1ha per day. Cut material can be burnt or chipped. Once the area has been cut a pass over with the mulcher will finish the job. The advantage to mulching is the area can then be managed mechanically without the danger of damage from hidden stumps.

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