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Latest news from JDB

Over recent weeks we have been repairing footpaths at Phoenix Green and reinstating the ditches at Elvetham Heath.  At the same time continuing the Winter conservation works whist Louis & Elliot have been carrying out heathland clearance at Barossa, Camberley.

Top tips for March 2016

If there’s one thing we can be sure about at the moment it’s the unpredictability of the weather! It’s been a mild, wet winter, which saw daffodils springing into life at least six weeks earlier than usual. But an icy blast at the end of February gave us a reminder that we can’t hang up our winter coats just yet!

March is the month when we can start getting out in the garden a bit more and the list of jobs to be done seem to lengthen everyday with the increasing daylight. If the lawn dries out enough to walk on, take a stroll around your garden to see what needs attention. Make sure tender plants are still wrapped up in their fleeces, like us they need protection too, and check ties and stakes. We’ve had some strong winds in recent weeks that may have caused ties and stakes to come loose, or break, leaving plants unsupported and vulnerable to damage.

Top tips to keep pests at bay

Slugs, snails and weeds will also be making their presence felt this month. Protect new shoots from being munched – there are many environmentally friendly ways to get rid of our slimy ‘friends’ including sprinkling coffee around flower beds, as they hate caffeine. Dig out weeds from beds and pots as they appear so they don’t get out of hand. And finally, add a good layer of mulch to beds. It will help suppress weeds, keep some pests at bay, retain moisture in the soil during the summer months and protect roots from extremes in temperature. Give us a call if you would like a delivery of garden mulch, which we sell in dumpy bags.

Getting out and about for spring

The grass has hardly stopped growing this winter, as we haven’t had many days when the temperature has dropped below 5OC. If we get some dry, sunny days in March give your grass a mow but don’t cut it too short. There’s nothing like the smell of freshly mown grass to make you feel like spring is on its way! Don’t forget to look up at the trees when checking the garden. Trees need some love and attention from-time-to time too and at JDB we have a team of qualified, experienced tree surgeons to do just that. We can cut out dead wood, take trees and hedges down in height or just generally give them a good prune. For those that are beyond help, we can take them down completely and remove the stump. And nothing goes to waste as all the wood is mulched, chipped or cut into logs.

Things you can be getting on with this month

  • Plant summer flowering bulbs
  • Start feeding fish if you have a pond
  • On warmer days open up the vents and doors of the greenhouse
  • Take a stroll around the local RHS or National Trust gardens for some inspiration
  • Generally tidy up around the garden
  • Apply a spring/summer lawn fertilizer, high in nitrogen, to encourage strong growth
  • Sow a wildflower meadow
  • Prune wisteria and summer flowering clematis before the sap rises
  • Check your mower over before you fire it up to make sure it’s all in good working order

Keep the fires burning

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