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During December 2015 including the Christmas and New Year holidays JDB worked out at Ash ranges for the Surrey Wildlife Trust. The work included the removal of Conifer, Birch and Gorse enabling the heather to grow back and for the heathland to regenerate.

Happy New Year to all of our customers! We hope that 2016 will be a good year for all of us.

The ‘hot topic’, excuse the pun, has to be the warm weather we’ve been having. The mild conditions have brought much wind and rain to the UK, and kept the temperatures unseasonally high, causing chaos across the country.

High winds and driving rain have caused rivers to swell and burst their banks flooding local communities. It is, therefore, essential that we all do our bit to regularly check drainage ditches near our properties and keep them clear of debris. If you need some help with this we have mechanical diggers on hand, so just give us a call.

In the garden, the high temperatures saw daffodils, traditionally associated with Easter, blooming before Christmas as far north as Chester and Northern Ireland.

Who knows what weather we will be experiencing over the next few months. January is meant to be our coldest month and at the beginning of November 2015 the long range weather forecast was for four months of heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures thanks to the affects of El Nino and changes in air temperatures over the Arctic. We might not be out of the woods yet!

The next couple of months will probably see gardening jobs being dictated by our unpredictable climate.

If the mild, wet, windy weather persists regularly check that stakes are holding firm and protective coverings, like fleece, are in place. Check ties holding wisteria that support its structure and replace any that are broken. Now is also the time to prune back its vigorous, whippy shoots to two or three buds from the base – it will help develop short flowing spurs for the spring blooms.

Clean out nest boxes and put them up as soon as possible. Birds will start looking for places to breed and any unseasonally warm weather might see them scouting around earlier than usual.

If we get a blast of arctic air protect tender plants, keep off frosty lawns, lag outside pipes and taps, and keep warm! We can deliver kindling and seasoned hard wood logs to keep you going through until the spring.

Alpine plants do not like excessive wet or snow. Protect them by pushing four short canes around the pot in which the alpines are planted, drape over a clear sheet of plastic and weigh down the edges with stones to keep it in place.

This month…

  • Spread compost over flowerbeds and dig into areas of the vegetable garden that will grow peas, beans, onions and leafy salad crops to feed the soil
  • Visit your local garden centre to buy seeds before the popular varieties sell out
  • Get your petrol mower and strimmer serviced
  • Feed hedges with an all-purpose fertiliser
  • Be careful not to disturb over wintering insects, such as ladybirds, as you tidy the garden. They tend to hide away in hollow plant stems
  • Plan your vegetable crop rotation
  • Start forcing rhubarb
  • Trim back ivy and Virginia creeper

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