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Latest news from JDB

Over recent weeks we’ve become agents for McCauley trailers. These are quality trailers made in Ireland. From now on, we will be selling their trailers on their behalf. We have also been doing some work for Hart county council. As the weather is slowly getting warmer, we have also been slowly returning to conducting some tree surgery works!


Top tips for April 2016

The longer evenings, blooming spring flowers and pink and white cherry blossoms are signs that the warmer months of spring and summer are just around the corner. April, traditionally, is a mixture of sunshine and showers, and it’s when we really start to get busy in the garden. Weeds grow vigorously with warmer temperatures and a bit of rain so keep them under control both in your flowerbeds and the lawn. A good layer of mulch on flowerbeds will help keep them down, and a weed and feed treatment will deal with those popping up in the lawn, and give it a well-needed feed at the same time. Don’t be tempted to use last year’s autumn lawn feed, as now is the time to apply a high nitrogen spring lawn fertilizer. Give us a call if you need some mulch – we deliver it in dumpy bags.

Getting your lawns ready for summer

On the subject of lawns, if yours is looking a bit yellow or patchy, now is the time to give it some TLC to bring it back to it glorious best. The winter rain caused many lawns to get water logged, compressing the soil. This can be tackled with an aerator or pricking the lawn all over with a garden fork. It will improve drainage, and stimulate and encourage root growth. If moss is a problem, choose a weed and feed with moss killer included. Wait a couple of weeks after applying and then rake the moss out of the lawn. If you have a particularly bad moss problem wait several weeks and apply a moss killer again – straight iron sulphate based moss killers are best – and repeat the process of raking. Bumps and hollows can be repaired by peeling back the turf, removing or adding soil as necessary, and then replacing the turf. April is a good time to make repairs either by over-seeding bare patches, sowing a new lawn or laying turf.


The wettest time of the year is over!

The heavy rains we suffered during the winter will have washed a lot of nutrients out of the soil. Help replace the loss by giving borders and beds a general-purpose fertilizer and top up pots with fresh compost. Trees, shrubs and hedges will benefit from having a balanced fertilizer, such as Growmore or blood, fish and bone, hoed into the root area. In the veggie garden it’s time to get sowing seeds. Beetroot, cabbage, parsnips, onions, peas, broad beans, mangetout, and spinach are just some of the veg that can be sown from about mid April if conditions are fine. The evening are still chilly at this time of year but chimeneas, fire pits and outdoor wood burners will keep you toasty. Make sure you have enough wood to keep the chill at bay. Give us a call if you need a dumpy bag of hard wood delivered.

Things you can be getting on with this month

    • Plant summer-flowering bulbs
    • Leave daffodil foliage intact for six weeks after the flowers have died down
    • Open the doors and vents to greenhouses on warmer days
    • Pressure wash patios and paths to remove winter grime
    • Sow pots of herbs such as coriander, basil and parsley
    • Get your brush out and give timber fences, trellis, posts and sheds a coat of preservative
    • Start sowing salad crops
    • Keep an eye on the weather forecast as frosts can still occur which will damage or kill young or tender plants
    • Pause to enjoy the sounds and smell of spring in your garden

Keep the fires burning

Now is a great time to order all your firewood needs.


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